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Martina is a very caring teacher and listens to everyone. She puts a lot of thought into each class and is taking into account what is going on in the world. Her classes are relaxing and enjoyable, and she makes sure that no one overstretches themselves and modify poses as needed.

Anette Scott

The five things I love about Martina and her classes are: her gentle, caring personality, her calm encouraging methods of teaching. The visual cues and directions make it easy even when via zoom to practice without having to be constantly staring at the screen. Martina’s themes, thoughts, and poems and the evolving class structure, as I know it's so easy to fall into habits if always teaching the same things and she does vary her classes.

Suzanne Chillmann

I practice Yoga with Martina now 4 years and what strikes me is the amazing variety, no two classes are the same, incorporating different yoga styles. Her adaptability, she judges our moods and change practice to suit them. I truly treasure the camaraderie Martina engenders between students. I always feel welcomed. I had an injury and the confidence he has helped me build by being so supportive. The peace and calm I feel during the practice, which I think is given by her soft gentle voice and her own calm presence. It may seem strange to say in the online practice we're Martina talks through most of it but I always feel that she listens, observes and cares.

Lynn Bingley

I like her relaxing approach and style of Yoga. It has helped me to bring balance into our life. Martina is listening and is adapting to my goals (increasing flexibility for example).  I find it funny (the way she gets left and right sometimes the wrong way round) and she always have a smile on your face.


I hadn't enjoyed yoga at a previous attempt, but this class couldn't be more different. Martina's class provides an oasis of peace, a respite from the mental agony of coping with your cancer diagnosis. The moves are built up gently, with explanation and meditation interwoven. Everyone is in treatment or recovery, and the group is wonderfully supportive and understanding. Martina helps each of us individually to make the most of the class within our own physical abilities. I leave each week calm and refreshed, and I feel myself relax as soon as I walk in for the next class. This is first-class therapy that should be on prescription.

Ruth from course Wellbeing despite cancer

Thank you Martina for our class today! The space you provide and your classes are priceless to me...namaste...

Claire M

Many thanks for your help over the last 6 weeks. Taking up yoga has been extremely pleasurable if more painful than expected at times!! Your approach to the sessions has really helped in my day to day life, thank you.

Steve M

Wow-what an amazing yoga session we had last night, my back has never felt so supple after that (although I know I have worked it!!)


I first met Martina a few months ago, I was looking to get back into yoga after being diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing treatment, feeling stiff, and felt I had lost flexibility.  I did not the confidence to return to a class but Martina has been working with me on a one to one and helped me realize that I can move better than I thought, the yoga poses have been challenging but the difference it has made has been a revelation, so much so I no longer need to see the lymphatic nurse, I have much more movement in my arm and shoulder and I am now looking forward to joining one of Martina’s classes.

Carol A

My partner and I have been going to Martina’s Saturday class for quite a while.  Each time we come away with a new sense of spiritual renewal.  It's not just that Martina is good at the yoga poses and flow in between, seamlessly linking everything, so that before you know it the class is over.  No its more that she brings to each class a lot of personal thought and planning. Every time she comes up with a well thought out message and theme which you can take into the next week. These often resonate with us as we go out into the world and face whatever comes next.  She really does do what it “says on the tin”. We have no hesitation in recommending you try one of her sessions because they are very practically based whatever your age.

Pamela R & Stephen S

Martina's yoga classes are always physically and mentally enriching. Her classes are thoughtful, challenging, reflective, and fun. Martina packs an awful lot into 75 minutes and I go home feeling stretched, relaxed, and content. I like the atmosphere, the varied themed focus of Martina's classes and the venue.

Annie B

I have been a student of hatha yoga for 16 years and recently joined Martina's group. I am delighted to have found her, she has a wonderful ability to combine spiritual teachings and concepts with the physical movements of the yoga practice.  The practice she offers is both spiritually gentle and nurturing and physically demanding and robust!

Liz J

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