A Journey Home

Life takes you unexpected places, love brings you home.

“We're all just walking each other home.” (Ram Dass)


Do you know the feeling in your life of being on a journey with an unknown outcome? The feeling of having lost your way without knowing the map? Or do you know the longing to want to arrive somewhere without being able to say exactly where?

We all lead busy and ambitious life, but performance is not everything in life and busyness can become a habit to disconnect. There is some magic in pausing and find more clarity about our true purpose. It doesn't always have to be higher, faster, further. There are phases in life in which big goals - no matter how thoughtfully they chosen - lead to unnecessary pressure, internal defences and, in the worst case, burn out. If you are in such a phase of life right now, then it may not be about gaining more clarity about your goals at all. It might be about self-care, about reset, rest, and restore. The central question might be: What do I need in the next few months so that I am feeling well or better?

This workshop series has the focus on homecoming to your Self. You explore and honour who you are and what made and sustains you. The journey is based on the foundation of the five elements and interwoven with the nourishing practice of yoga, and some other practices from both Eastern and Western approaches to nourish our wellbeing.

Each session includes an introduction of the element and the replicant in our being, the anatomy of emotions related to it and journaling practices to dive deeper. It is followed by a couple of  sequences of Yoga movement and breath work, and concludes with a guided mediation, and Yoga Nidra. You will receive material to work with at home and be able to book an element tailored 45-minute massage with Grace Life Wisdom in Corsham for a special offer price. You can arrange this directly for a day & time you wish for after the workshop/between the workshops.

Sunday 21st of November 2021 Metal
Sunday 16th of January 2022 Water
Sunday 27th of February 2022 Earth
Sunday 27th of March 2022 Wood
Sunday 24th of April 2022 Fire

Each workshop with light refreshment and materials  £40 and a 45 minute massage tailored to each element £35.

If you like to purchase the whole soul quest series of 5 workshops including the massages, it would be a one-off payment of £350.

Spaces are limited to 8 students.



Melksham, 26. Sept., 10:00–13:00


I'm running a SOUL FOOD workshop on Sunday 26 September in Melksham and although it's centered around EATING TO FEEL BETTER, we will touch on energy management, soul purpose, and other topics to help improve our relationship with food and ourselves... and there will be food, tonics, and even cake to sample  If you want to nourish every part of you, and you wish that you could just RESET and draw a line under what has gone before (e.g. bad eating habits, toxic relationships, traumatic events, feeling stuck), then this workshop is for you.

And as the massage is an important part of self-care, there is a special discount for a Revitalizing massage. During the course of the morning, we will explore various ways to nourish the body, mind, and soul and we will also touch on various therapies which help to clear out the old energies we’ve possibly been sitting with so that we are able to bring in what really nourishes us.

We will also be sampling various foods and drinks whilst learning how to make “tonics” which give you a boost. We will also talk about eating to feel better and how to counteract "negative" effects of foods - e.g. the mucous-producing effects of dairy, or the effects of alcohol, or "fattening foods" etc. To book please call Elizabeth 07879 447 631 or Email: