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Reset - is my theme for the autumn term, starting on Monday 6th of September until the 22nd of October 2021.

Reset can be defined as 'putting something back in the correct position for healing'. With this perspective I would like to provide space and opportunity for a Yoga practice that brings you back to alignment with what matters to you most and with this to allow healing for whatever needs it in your life. Rumi famously said “the wound is the place where the light gets in” and with this, we want to use the season ahead to find our grounding, our inner calm and focus to replenish and nourish ourselves. Another image which came to my mind in preparation was the Japanese art of Kintsugi; a way of mending broken pottery with gold and with this imperfection a rather precious piece of art emerges. This image has been very comforting for me for years whenever I found my life in pieces and for me personally it was a summer of losses.

Let us bring all together again with 'gold dust' which symbolises our learning, our resilience, so we can reset by connecting to our true nature again. Anandamaya - inner bliss. The layer of our embodied self that pervades each of the previous outer sheaths of our being when we are able to peel the illusions of each sheath away to reveal our true nature.

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